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Radiant Aesthetics is the health care arm of Radiant Group having interest in the fields of Chemicals,Hospitality and Healthcare businesses. Radiant Aesthetics is a brain child of Dr. Vikas Panthri, Founding Managing Director in the year 2009 immediately on passing of his Post Graduate Degree in Anaesthesia & Trauma care.
Dr Vikas Panthtri has a vision of extending affordable yet world class cosmetic surgeries across all age groups. With the advent of boom in the cosmetic surgery market, a lot of centres with semi qualified personnel or sub optimal quality treatments have cropped up in India to focus solely on the commercial aspects, as a result of which the basic ideology of focused and dedicated quality Healthcare treatment of the patient have suffered tremendously.
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Face Lift

Deep creases below lower eyelids and sagging in the face are some of the obvious signs of aging. Seeing oneself in such a pitiful condition can have detrimental effects on mental health.
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Breast Lift

Mastopexy or breast lift surgery is done to lift the breasts to make it more aesthetically pleasing. Our surgeon can give you a youthful breast contour by removing the excess skin.
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Lip Enhancement

Are your lips too small? If so, then lip enhancement surgery can help you achieve beautiful lips.
Having plump lips is considered as the sign of youth and beauty.
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The highly skilled dentists of Radiant provides wide range of oral health care services that is inclusive of treating oral diseases, teeth cleaning, teeth sealants, implants, crowns, and others.
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